Heavy Hatchlift Kit, For Doors 39" - 44" Tall

Catalog Item # 66718

Hatchlifts are retrofit hydraulic lift kits designed for installation on lightweight RV doors.

Once installed, they provide safe and convenient access to storage areas and generator compartments. Kit sizes are based on door height and width and include all the components required to lift one side of an RV door. Doors over 27" wide – purchase two kits. The kits provide for an operating angle of between 90 and 170 degrees approximate.

Technical Specifications

2 lbs.
For doors 39" to 44" tall and up to 26" wide.

by Mike – February 24, 2017
My outdoor Kitchen hatch only opens 90 degrees, I have to duck down to use it. I would like it to open closer to 180 degrees.
The kits provide for an operating angle of between 90 and 170 degrees approximate.
by Camping World – April 13, 2017
Kit size will be based on door height.
  • Small(SKU#66726) - 14" to 20"
  • Standard(SKU#66723) - 21" to 27"
  • Medium(SKU#66721) - 28" to 32"
  • Large(SKU#66719) - 33" to 38"
  • Heavy(SKU#66718) - 39" to 44"

In regards to door width, doors up to 27" wide order 1 kit, while doors over 27" order 2 of the appropriate kit.

So if your door is 28"W x 54"H, a kit is not available due to the height of the door. But if your door is 28"H x 54"W, you will want to order 2 quantities of the Medium kit SKU#66721.
by Camping World – May 11, 2016

by Dewey – August 01, 2015
No. The props provided with these kits require more force pounds to compress than what would be recommended for an entry door, and the hardware is for a vertical swing. This 'Heavy' kit comes with 60# props, the weight of the hatch door plus gravity helps compress the prop. 60#'s at a horizontal free swinging light weight door means you have to exert all the force yourself to compress the prop. For an entry door, a 10# prop with a length of 20" or more would be optimal. Choice in mounting brackets will have to be self determined. Gas Prop Selection Guide by RV Designer
by Camping World – November 13, 2015

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