Heavy Hatchlift Kit, For Doors 39" - 44" Tall

Catalog Item # 66718

Hatchlifts are retrofit hydraulic lift kits designed for installation on lightweight RV doors.

Technical Specifications

2 lbs.
For doors 39" to 44" tall and up to 26" wide.

by Mike – February 24, 2017
My outdoor Kitchen hatch only opens 90 degrees, I have to duck down to use it. I would like it to open closer to 180 degrees.
The kits provide for an operating angle of between 90 and 170 degrees approximate.
by Camping World – April 13, 2017
Kit size will be based on door height.
  • Small(SKU#66726) - 14" to 20"
  • Standard(SKU#66723) - 21" to 27"
  • Medium(SKU#66721) - 28" to 32"
  • Large(SKU#66719) - 33" to 38"
  • Heavy(SKU#66718) - 39" to 44"

In regards to door width, doors up to 27" wide order 1 kit, while doors over 27" order 2 of the appropriate kit.

So if your door is 28"W x 54"H, a kit is not available due to the height of the door. But if your door is 28"H x 54"W, you will want to order 2 quantities of the Medium kit SKU#66721.
by Camping World – May 11, 2016

by Dewey – August 01, 2015
No. The props provided with these kits require more force pounds to compress than what would be recommended for an entry door, and the hardware is for a vertical swing. This 'Heavy' kit comes with 60# props, the weight of the hatch door plus gravity helps compress the prop. 60#'s at a horizontal free swinging light weight door means you have to exert all the force yourself to compress the prop. For an entry door, a 10# prop with a length of 20" or more would be optimal. Choice in mounting brackets will have to be self determined. Gas Prop Selection Guide by RV Designer
by Camping World – November 13, 2015

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