Heng’s LiquidRoofTape Liquid Seam Sealer, 5 Gallon

Catalog Item # 110280

LiquidRoofTape is a thick, high-build, rubber-like liquid consisting of 100% silicone and microfibers.

Brush it on over all entry points on the RV roof (around skylights, roof vents, plumbing caps, antennas, seams, air conditioners, refrigerator vents, ladders and roof caps) This double protects those areas where water is most likely to enter the RV. LiquidRoofTape is the 2nd step in renewing your RV roof.

Technical Specifications

55 lbs.

by Scott – October 17, 2018
What is the coverage area 5 gallons can?
Theoretical Coverage:

Make sure LiquidRoofTape overlaps all applied areas by at least 2" in all directions at approximately 1/8" thickness. This provides a coverage rate of 38 LFT/gallon (11.7 LM/gallon) with a 4"(10.2 cm) wide path. Alternatively, 1 gallon of product will cover approximately 350 fasteners based on 2"(5.1 cm) patches at 1/8" thickness. Coverage rate may vary with the type of application and texture of the substrate.
by Camping World – October 17, 2018

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