EU1000i Portable Honda Generator


  • 1000 watts, 120 volts
  •   Powers TVs, radios, lights, small tools & more
  •   Less than 29 lbs!
  •   Super Quiet
  •   Up to 8.3 hrs on .6 gal of gas
  • •  Perfect power generator for a small RV, Class B motorhome, or pop-up camper
  • SALE $799.99
    $949.95 Save $149.96 (15%)
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EU2000i Portable Honda Generator


  • 2000 watts, 120 volts
  •   For satellites, refrigerators, camp stoves & more
  •   Very light, less than 47 lbs!
  •   Super Quiet
  •   Up to 9.6 hrs on 1 gal of gas
  • •  Perfect power generator for a tailgating, camping, a small RV, Class C motorhome, or pop-up camper
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EU2000i Companion Portable Honda Generator

EU2000iA Companion

  • 2000 watts, 120 volts
  •   30A outlet for easy parallel with another EU2000i
  •   Ideal for refrigerator, coffee pot and more
  •   Easy handle for transport
  •   Up to 9.6 hrs on 1 gal of gas
  • •  Advanced inverter technology provides reliable power to computers and other sensitive equipment
  • SALE $999.99
    $1,279.99 Save $280.00 (21%)

EU3000i Handi Portable Honda Generator

EU3000i Handi

  • 3000 watts, 120 volts
  •   Honda's lightest 3000-watt inverter generator
  •   Weighs 77lbs
  •   Easy parallel with other EU3000i generators
  •   Easy recoil start
  • •  Max output to start most RV AC units in the 13.5 BTU class
  • SALE $2,299.99
    $2,599.95 Save $299.96 (11%)
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EU3000is Portable Honda Generator


  • 3000 watts, 120 volts
  •   Appliances, furnaces & most 13.5k BTU AC units
  •   Easy electric start!
  •   Super Quiet
  •   Up to 20 hrs on 3.4 gal of gas
  • •  Excellent source of power for RVs, including 13,500 BTU AC units
  • SALE $1,999.00
    $2,329.99 Save $330.99 (14%)
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EU3000i Handi Portable Honda Generator


  • 7000 watts, 120/140 volts
  •   All-New Superquiet 7000 watt generator
  •   Weighs 262lbs
  •   Easy push button start with optional remote
  •   Perfect for home back up, camping or tailgating
  • •  Perfect for home back up power, RVs, outdoor events, and more
  • SALE $3,999.99
    $4,499.99 Save $500.00 (11%)
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Honda Generator reviews:

"The Honda generator performs exactly as advertised. Great gas consumption, good power, quiet and compact. Delivery was less than a week from Camping World. Good service." - Jim S. Fremont, CA

"Bought two Honda EU2000i's and the parallel kit. Worth every penny." - Anonymous

"Very quiet compared to many other generators" - Anonymous

What can a Honda Generator power?

Start by checking the devices you want to power and see how many running watts total they produce.

Next pick the device with the highest running watts and add it to the starting watts of your previous total.

Now you have the total amount of watts you need from your generator.

By using the table below, you can see an overview of what devices you can power:

Coffee Maker
13.5k BTU AIr Conditioner

Camping World is an exclusive dealer of Honda Portable Generators. Honda Portable Generators are quiet, safe and can be used for a variety of functions such as tailgating, camping, rving, industrial, emergency backups and many other outdoor events.

Compare our Honda Portable Generators to see which model is right for you. We have most popular Honda generator models including: EU1000i, EU2000i, EU3000i Handi, EU3000iS and EU7000iS. View and compare specs and prices.

Honda Generators offer superior performance and portable power to go!

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