Hughes RV Autoformer Voltage Boosters & Surge Protector, 30 Amp

Catalog Item # 102449

3600 watt. 2400 joules surge protection.

Park voltage drops as more RVs are plugged in and demand for power increases, causing appliances and electronics to draw more amps and create more heat due to inadequate voltage. Overheating results in shortened appliance life. Patented Hughes Autoformer constantly boosts power 2%. When shore power drops below 113 volts, it boosts power 10% to keep appliances operating at the correct voltage.

  • Monitors and analyzes shore power
  • Monitors for open neutral and ground
  • Tells you when it’s boosting power
  • Provides surge and spike protection
  • Tells you when to replace surge protection unit
  • Prevents low voltage circuit breaker pops
  • Keeps appliance motors from slowly burning out
  • Increases air conditioner air flow
  • Brightens lights
  • Prevents blackouts and brownouts
  • Easy to see indicator lights
  • Mfr. 2 year guarantee
  • Engineered and made in USA

  • Technical Specifications

    21 lbs.

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    by Anonymous – October 15, 2017
    5 out of 5 stars

    After being a cheapskate and waiting until low power destroyed my roof top air conditioner, we purchased one and it has been with

    What all comes with this nit? plug-in voltmeter? Locking system?
    A digital AC voltage meter and cable lock is included with the autoformer.
    by Camping World – July 25, 2018
    Per the manufacturer: "If your RV has a 4-wire power cord, you should use a 50-amp Autoformer. If your RV has a 3-wire power cord, use a 30-amp Autoformer. Always use the highest amperage power source available. You can convert to a lower amperage outlet by using appropriate adaptors, for example: a 50-amp Autoformer can run on a 30 or 20-amp power source. Of course, you will be restricted to that lower amperage, but the Autoformer will boost the voltage when necessary. Be careful not to overload the lower amperage power box."
    by Camping World – March 09, 2018
    by Anonymous – July 13, 2017
    Reference Catalog Item # 102449, Is this model RV2130 or the newer RV2130SP model?
    This unit is the RV2130SP.
    by Camping World – July 14, 2017

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