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ACs and Heaters

Keep control of your camper's interior climate with Camping World's selection of AC and heating units.


Whether you're looking for a small portable fan to keep cool during the summer or a full-fledged air conditioning unit to provide relief from the scorching heat, we've got you covered. Our stock of replacement parts and accessories such as gasket kits, filters, and air conditioner covers help with the upkeep and maintenance of your cooling system.


Adventuring in the cooler seasons and looking to stay warm? We've got plenty of indoor heaters and furnaces, from portable units to larger propane-powered varieties to keep you warm in your home away from home, as well as accessories such as optional heater legs and carrier bags to make transport easier. Gas valves and other replacement parts will help to prolong the life of your heating units.


We also carry an assortment of thermostats and shrouds to ensure the climate of your camper is exactly how you want it, as well as insect screens for water heaters to keep out any unwanted critters


Our inventory includes products from top brands such as Energywise Solutions, Dometic, Camco, and Mr. Heater as well as product features, specs, ratings, and Q & A’s to ensure you’re getting a product you can trust. Our products can also be narrowed down by category, color, and price range to make your search even easier.


Every season is RV season when you’re a camping enthusiast. With Camping World’s variety of cooling and heating products, your adventures are no longer limited to mild weather.


Whether you’re traveling cross country or merely camping for the weekend, our AC and heating units keep the inside of your RV as comfortable as you like it, allowing you to rest and recharge in peace, regardless of the season.