Kit, 300 Mounting Adapter - White

Catalog Item # 54628

Mounting Kit for the Dometic 300, 310 & 320 Toilet in white (SKU 49446).

Series 300, 310 and 320 toilet mounting kit adapter.

Technical Specifications

3 lbs.

This mounting kit is only needed if the toilet being replaced uses a 4-bolt pattern for mounting as opposed to a 2-bolt that Dometic and most current generation Thetford toilets use.
by Camping World – March 01, 2016
Our hole pattern is angled, meaning that the holes are at 10 o'clock and 4o'clock.
Yes, this mounting kit is used to convert from a '4-bolt' pattern like your old toilet to a '2-bolt' like a typical residential toilet and many RV toilets use now.
by Camping World – February 12, 2016
Yes, this flange is for the floor and used if the current flange needs to be replaced due to damage or if is not a 2 bolt configuration.

You will need to purchase some silicone caulk as part of the flange installation as it is not included.

Rest of the mounting hardware will be included with the toilet (bolts and caps). Wax rings are not used with RV toilets, a gasket which is included are used in between the toilet and floor flange.
by Camping World – June 01, 2015

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