Kitchen 2-Handle Faucet, Chrome Finish

Catalog Item # 82124

Residential-style operation for your RV kitchen.

Technical Specifications

3.3 lbs.

by Anonymous – June 10, 2016
Yes, this faucet can swivel.
by Camping World – June 20, 2016
by Dave – May 05, 2016
We need the plastic piece that the faucet connects to. Does this faucet include this? Or can we buy what we need separately?
Hardware included with the faucet is used for mounting of the unit. The hot and cold water lines should already be terminated with 1/2" swivels to attach to the threaded shanks on the faucet. If new or appropriate connectors are needed, you can purchase connectors at home improvement or plumbing supply stores. Usually PEX tubing is used for water lines in an RV so a quick coupler like this, with a swivel at the other end can be used.
by Camping World – May 05, 2016
by Janna – January 03, 2016
This faucet is a 2 hole mount. The handles are plastic, the spout is metal, and the base/underbody is a hybrid(plastic polymer infused with powdered metal) configuration.
by Camping World – February 08, 2016

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