Kool Seal® Tundra™ White Silicone Roof Seal, 1 Gallon

Catalog Item # 115100

Tundra’s watertight seal protects and restores RV roofs with a beautiful, seamless silicone coating.

Technical Specifications

12.25 lbs.

by Anonymous – July 16, 2018
One gallon will cover 50 sq/ft.
by Camping World – July 17, 2018
Uses: Metal single ply, smooth BUR, Modified Bitumen, polyurethane foam, concrete, EPDM, Hypalon, exiting asphaltic & elastomeric roof coatings( Not for use on roof shingles)

EPDM rubber roofs must be primed with bonding primer designed for EPDM roofs. Other roof substrates may require primer before application. An adhesion peel test should be preformed to determine if a primer is needed.
by Camping World – May 07, 2018

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