Lantern Snaps

Catalog Item # 60118

Attach patio lights, screens, canvas or poly film to your awning quickly and easily.

Open one end, snap to awning fabric, then snap the other end to the lights, or push the flexible tabs into the awning roller bar channel and attach the snaps to the tabs. Durable metal construction.

Technical Specifications

Less than 1 lb.

4 come in a package. Choice comes down to preference: Metal or Plastic. Which product feels to be more cost effective(4 count vs. 10 count). Also, which hanger would be easier to use for the lights you wish to hang(ability to open & close the hanger vs. small notch to slide cord/light in to).
by Camping World – August 13, 2015
by lnevins – July 25, 2013
4 per package.
by Camping World – August 01, 2013

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