Large Sliding Cabinet Spice Rack

Catalog Item # 74822

Incredibly efficient design saves space and lets you instantly find spices fast.

Technical Specifications

1 lb.
10 ½"H x 4 ½"W x 10 ¾"D

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Handy gadget

by Theda – October 13, 2017
5 out of 5 stars

I bought this because I thought it would be handy to hold all my spices in the camper. It does hold quite a few, if I could give o

by Vicky – March 06, 2016
If enough space is available, multiples of this rack can be installed in the area.
by Camping World – March 30, 2016
This product is available in stores as well. Directly contact your closest/preferred Camping World store location to check availability.
by Camping World – November 06, 2015
by Sal – August 31, 2015
How does it attach to cabinet on top?
Yes, the clips are manually attached to the plate with adhesive backing. Hardware is provided to mount a track for a hanging configuration. Please watch the SpiceStor Setup Demo to see how this product operates.
by Camping World – September 03, 2015

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