LED 3" Interior Can Light

Catalog Item # 55016

Upgrade lighting with eco-friendly, energy-saving 12-volt LED fixtures.

Technical Specifications

Less than 1 lb.

by Craigsbiz – November 01, 2014
From lens to back is 1.25".
by Camping World – November 04, 2014
by Greased lens – May 13, 2014
The lens does not bounce well on ceramic floors.
Unfortunately no, lenses are not available separately for these.
by Camping World – May 13, 2014
by Anonymous – December 10, 2013
Are you able to replace the bulb in these or does the entire housing have to be replaced?
The LED board is built into this unit, the full unit would have to be replaced if it fails. (5 year mfg warranty)
by Camping World – December 12, 2013

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