LED Thin Lite, LED622P

Catalog Item # 80410

Modernize the look of your RV's ceiling lighting with Thin-Lite's LED Elegant series.

With its rounded, low profile design this light will give you that custom look, you are looking for. The unlimited dimming feature (50 / 1600 lumens) gives you the perfect lighting any time.

Technical Specifications

3 lbs.

by Bev – May 02, 2016
It depends on how the fixture is wired to the RV's electrical system, but generally yes. 12V fixtures like this are usually connected to the house batteries and will run off them if RV shore power is not connected. At full brightness power consumption is 9.6watts/0.80amps.
by Camping World – May 02, 2016
by Anonymous – May 02, 2016
The description states unlimited dimming, but the picture just shows and on/off switch.
The on/off switch also doubles as controls for the dimming function. The fixtures are pre-set with three settings 1)Off, 2)Low(30%), and 3)High(100%). Owner's can reprogram the saved brightness levels. The last page of the Thin-Lite: LED Premium lighting products catalog has instructions regarding this.
by Camping World – May 02, 2016
by RVNomads 1974 – May 02, 2016
What are the dimensions of the light's base? Will it cover the marks from the older incandescent light fixture?
The unit is 13.95"L x 5.56"W x 1.51"D. Physically this fixture is no different from the original fluorescent 622 model by Thinlite, only the bulbs are different. Previous mount holes may or may not be covered depending on the dimensions of the fixture being replaced by SKU#80410.
by Camping World – May 02, 2016

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