LED Utility Light with Mounting Clips

Catalog Item # 84240

16" Linear LED Utility Light with frosted lens that creates an even, diffused pool of illumination and the LED Technology offers a long fixture life with greatly reduced power consumption.

Technical Specifications

2.5 lbs.
16"L x 0.69"W x 0.33"H

by Dwight – January 24, 2016
I installed it and it does not turn off. The one in the showroom (Colfax) did turn off.
Correct, SKU#84240 has to be wired to a pre-existing switch or a new switch installed. We carry another version of this LED light fixture that is the same except for a capacitive touch switch built on the unit. This model is listed as SKU#78986.
by Camping World – February 18, 2016
by Jim – June 10, 2015
Does this product just have 2 leads Can two or three be wired together and go straight to a fuse panel then the battery. Is this product also superbright.
There are approximately 36 LEDs. There are two leads on the light fixture. While individual wiring to a switch would be ideal, if done correctly, the wiring configuration described is possible. This fixture produces 480 lumens, which would be somewhere between the brightness of a 40 and 60 watt incandescent bulb.
by Camping World – June 11, 2015

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