Low Profile Aria Classic Toilet - White

Catalog Item # 27883

Thetford’s premium lightweight toilet offers a modern residential seat and cover design that brings home comfort to your RV. Performance and style suited for vehicles of distinction. Other features include:

  • Fast, effortless single-pedal flush design
  • Pulsating flush
    • Provides superior bowl washdown
    • Minimizes water use
  • Beautiful all-china bowl
  • Elongated, deep bowl for more comfort
  • 17-1/2" seat height for higher comfort level (on the High Profile Model)
  • Comfortable, full-size residential seat
  • Optional water-saving hand sprayer available
  • Mfr. 1 year warranty.

    Below is a general video showing just a few features of the Thetford Aria Classic Toilets.

  • Technical Specifications

    45 lbs.

    by Anonymous – February 10, 2018
    Seat Height: 13-9/16"

    Overall Height: 16-3/4"

    Width: 14-3/4"

    Depth: 24-7/16"
    by Camping World – February 12, 2018

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