LPG Propane Low-Pressure Gas Grill Connection Kit

Catalog Item # 79820

Low-Pressure 10' Hose Connection Kit for use with Magma Low-Pressure Valve

Used in conjunction with the correct Type-3 control valve, this kit allows you to connect your Magma gas grill into your pre-regulated, low pressure LPG (propane) system. Hose kit includes all necessary brass fittings and 10 feet (3 m) of preassembled, leak tested hose.

Technical Specifications

2 lbs.
11” x 8” x 3”

Because of the two different regulator's it will not work. I need a adapter for the Colman grill like you have for other grills with the throw away high pressure tanks. The adapter recommended is just to many more hoses to have and what is the point of having the on board connections.
There are less portable model grills on the market that are pre-designed to accept RV low pressure connections versus wall mounted variations. Some, like Magma, are designed for easy swapping of regulator/burner control for low pressure connection. Coleman's venture in a low pressure configuration is the NXT Voyager (item# 69322). Item# 30338 or item# 30342 are designed to connect disposable thread to a large LP tank.

Item# 30336 is one of the simpler tees that can be installed that creates a bypass with the use of item# 24039 or 24038 to connect directly to an appliance that uses disposable bottle threads.

Item# 79820 uses 3/8" female flare fittings, this hose can be retrofitted with other fittings to avoid buying another hose, we unfortunately do not have what is necessary to complete the task but a retailer specialized in LP components can.
by Camping World – June 15, 2015

If not, is there are quick connect hose that will work with my grill?
The problem with low pressure and portable grills is the fact that portable grills are fed high pressure LP(throw away cylinders) to an onboard regulator that handles all the work. Connecting from an already regulated source to an additional regulator built in to the grill is dangerous.
by Camping World – May 19, 2015

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