LPG Tank Check Single Sensor

Catalog Item # 90404

Never run out of LP fuel unexpectedly.

Accurately measure how much fuel you have with this completely wireless device.

The LPG Tank Check is an electronic device that very accurately measures the amount of LP Gas contained in most any LP Cylinder/Bottle and communicates that information wirelessly to any "smart device" with Bluetooth compatibility. Thus, allowing you to be aware of how much fuel is available at all times, simply by checking your "smart device". While specifically designed for RV use, the Tank Check Sensor is compatible with most any LP Tank/Cylinder. Must download free APP for use.

  • Sensor mounts to bottom of LPG Tank via magnets - designed to remain there during travel
  • Once activated, sensor electronically measures how much LPG is in Tank
  • Sensor communicates to "smart device" via Bluetooth Technology - no wires to mess with
  • Install in minutes - simply sync devices and mount
  • This kit is designed for use with one LPG Tank
  • APP is capable of reading up to 12 Sensors at the same time
  • Sensor operates on "watch type" batteries - included
  • Kit includes "feet pads" to assist in mounting Sensor to bottom of Tank
  • This kit includes (1) Sensor and (3) Feet Pads
  • Includes 3 year Mfg Warranty

    If you do not own a "smart device" with Bluetooth capability, you can buy one of our other kits which includes a dedicated monitor that can be mounted conveniently inside your Coach.

  • Technical Specifications

    1 lb.

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    Was So Hopeful But Ended Up Disappointed

    by Dr Michael Martin – March 19, 2018
    1 out of 5 stars

    Set up was fairly easy, except to reach my tank I had to crawl under the RV to attach the magnetic sensor and take measurements of

    LPG mopek bluetooth senosr

    by Anonymous – March 20, 2017
    5 out of 5 stars

    This is easy to install and reads the cylinder well. The app on my Smart phone works great. A good start so lets see how it last&#

    by Slim – August 14, 2017
    The sensor battery lasts over 1 year but may last longer or shorter depending on the outside temperature. The battery will generally last longer in warmer environments.
    by Camping World – August 14, 2017
    by Slim – August 14, 2017
    Yes, this sensor can be used on a horizontal tank up to 30" in diameter.
    by Camping World – August 14, 2017
    Yes, the sensor is kept in place with magnets.
    by Camping World – May 09, 2017

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