Lube Pump Front Wheel Drive

Catalog Item # 57050

Remco Transmission Fluid Pump lets you tow on all four wheels.

Bathes automatic transmission in fluid to prevent transmission damage.

How it works:

When your automatic transmission vehicle is driven, the transmission is lubricated by an engine-driven transmission fluid pump. When the car is towed, the pump does not operate, because the engine is not running. Another means of lubrication is needed. REMCO's Lube Pump was developed to provide a reliable lubrication system for the transmission.

Once installation is complete, simply connect the coiled cable between the towed vehicle and motor coach and switch the monitor controller mounted within the coach to the on position. Once pump builds enough pressure the green light will illuminate and your are ready to tow! The Remco Lube Pump Kit also includes tail light diverters so your towed vehicle wiring is integrated with the Lube Pump application. In most cases, the Transmission Lube Pump can be moved to a different vehicle with the purchase of a Hardware Pack from Remco.

Technical Specifications

Less than 1 lb.

According to the website, if I am reading correctly, Camping World will install this item if I purchase it at the super center. It doesn't appear that this item can be found at a store but rather online only. If I purchase it can it be installed at a local supercenter and what would be my final cost, install and part? Thanks,
A product can be purchased online and brought into a Camping World service center for installation. Additionally, if a product is not stocked in store, the Parts Counter can place a request/special order for part(s) needed if a supplier is available. To obtain an estimate and timeline, please contact your closest/preferred store location directly. Locations and contact numbers are listed here.
by Camping World – October 08, 2015

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