Lube Pump Front Wheel Drive

Catalog Item # 57050

Remco Transmission Fluid Pump lets you tow on all four wheels.

Technical Specifications

Less than 1 lb.

According to the website, if I am reading correctly, Camping World will install this item if I purchase it at the super center. It doesn't appear that this item can be found at a store but rather online only. If I purchase it can it be installed at a local supercenter and what would be my final cost, install and part? Thanks,
A product can be purchased online and brought into a Camping World service center for installation. Additionally, if a product is not stocked in store, the Parts Counter can place a request/special order for part(s) needed if a supplier is available. To obtain an estimate and timeline, please contact your closest/preferred store location directly. Locations and contact numbers are listed here.
by Camping World – October 08, 2015

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