M3 Electric Scooter

Catalog Item # 85741

EcoReco M3/M5 scooter is an eco-friendly, efficient, portable, and smart electric vehicle, designed for short-distance commuting and recreation.

Similar in form to a motorized kick scooter, the EcoReco M3/M5 is the most practical and economical last mile solution on the market. Top speeds are configurable at 20, 12 or 7 MPH. It can be easily charged in 2 hrs to 80% capacity and travel up to 20 miles per charge. The back-lit LED dashboard with comprehensive vehicle information also allows riders to monitor their ride in any lighting situation. Safe-Start feature and 2 stage-braking ensure a safe ride from start to finish. EcoReco M3/M5EcoReco M3/M5 is perfect for a boat or RV. And it folds in half to be easily stored in a gym locker, car trunk, under a chair, or brought along public transportation for longer commutes. EcoReco M3/M5 is aspired to redefine personal mobility for everyday urban usage. Whether you're going the distance or just that extra mile, EcoReco M3/M5 provides a convenient and economical ride for you, and cleaner air for all.

    Scooter Weight: 34 lbs

Technical Specifications

45 lbs.

by W – August 05, 2015
According to the manufacturer: "We recommend up to 250 pounds for best performance even though the mechanics can support heavier riders. Please note that the scooter’s top speed will decrease for heavier riders on flat ground and performance on steeper slopes will be noticeably affected."
by Camping World – November 17, 2015

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