M30A-F30A 90° Locking Ring Adapter

Catalog Item # 85558

Connect your marine-style 30- or 50-amp RV power inlet to a standard outlet.

Angled 90° design takes the strain off your power cord and allows easier connection in tight places. Built-in hand grip makes plugging in and unplugging easier and safer. Threaded locking ring helps make the connection weatherproof and prevents power cord from being accidentally unplugged from coach. Extension power cords sold separately.

  • 125 volts
  • 3750 watts
  • 10/3 STW cord with NEMA TT-30P and L5-30R connectors

  • Technical Specifications

    1.84 lbs.

    I want to connect 2 30amp 25 ft power cords to give me a 50 ft cord when needed at some campsites. Is this the adapter I need?
    No, this pigtail cannot be used for joining two cords together. The simplest approach is to convert one of the ends of the cords to a 30amp RV female receptacle like item# 54711 based on both of your cords having a female locking plug to attach to the RV power inlet. So the cords should have a configuration like: RV 30amp Twist Lock Power Inlet(M)> 30amp Locking(F) > 30ampRV(M)>30ampRV(F)>30ampRV(M)>Power Pedestal
    by Camping World – August 26, 2015

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