Magnetic Bumper Cap

Catalog Item # 112548

No more reaching in your bumper to remove your sewer hose!

Magnetic cap keeps insects out and allows you to easily remove your sewer hose from your bumper. Attaches to standard bayonet fitting. Super-strong magnets provide a secure hold to your bumper.

Technical Specifications

1.8 lbs.

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Magnetic bumper cap

by Paul Dziedzic – October 22, 2018
1 out of 5 stars

I was smart enough to secure mine with a zip tie, so if it did fall off, I would not loose it, and I was correct, upon arrival, th

by Bob – August 03, 2018
One(1) cap in a package.
by Camping World – August 03, 2018
Yes, this cap is designed for 4" square bumpers and the inside of the cap has lugs compatible with any Camco bayonet-style sewer hose fitting, such as the RhinoFLEX hoses.
by Camping World – May 04, 2018

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