Manual Crank to Power Upgrade Kit, Black

Catalog Item # 83272

Easily convert your LCI Solera manual awning (pull or crank style) to a push button power kit.

Available in both standard and speaker head cradle supportmodels, this option enables you to keep your current Solera roller assembly .

Technical Specifications

14 lbs.

by Michel – May 27, 2015
If you sell inner cover only???

Idler Head Covers - 289563(Front)SKU#83287 | 289564(Rear) SKU#83289

Drive Head Covers - 289557(Front) SKU#289557 | 289558(Rear) SKU#289558


Idler Head Covers - 289566(Front) SKU#83288 | 289567(Rear) SKU#83290

Drive Head Covers - 289560(Front) SKU#83284 | 289561(Rear) SKU#83286

Solera Power Awning Parts List
by Camping World – October 14, 2015

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