Marinco Park Power 50-Amp Locking Adapter with 25' 30-Amp Cord

Catalog Item # 15889

Run 1 air conditioner in your 50-amp coach in parks with only 30-amp service.

No other adapter needed. Plug the twist-lock adapter into the 50-amp inlet of your coach, then plug the 25', 30-amp extension cord to the power post. 50-amp receptacle rated 125/250-volt; 30-amp plug rated 125-volt. Cord is 10-gauge / 3-wire. USA.

Does not provide 50 amp service.

Technical Specifications

9.6 lbs.

by Guy – August 24, 2015
Are all the 50 amp Marico inlet plugs standard? I have a 2005 Dynamax with a Marinco Easy Lock 50A 125/250V; will this cord work? If this doesn't fit, what is your return policy? Thanks
Yes inlet plugs are standard. Marinco uses their own quick twist lock system but also threads the collar on the cordset for twist lock inlets of other brands.

We have a 90 Day Return Policy which can be read here.
by Camping World – August 27, 2015

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