MaxxFan Deluxe Remote Control RV Ventilator System, White Lid

Catalog Item # 48933

The first-ever all-in-one RV vent fan with automatic rain protection just got better!

Redesigned ceiling fan/vent now includes handy backup ceiling controls on remote control models—the same easy-to-use, easy-to-clean keypad that's now also found on manual-opening models! Control all fan and vent functions from the palm of your hand with the remote control models OR from the ceiling keypad on the manual control models. Lid rises at the touch of a button on remote control models or with a simple twist of the easy-grip, tri-corner knob on manual-opening models. The unique patented rain shield protects your RV’s interior in any weather. Operate the fan with lid closed in ceiling fan mode. Just rotate four retaining knobs to remove the interior insect screen for easy cleaning with no tools required.

NEW Features!

  • Remote control models now also include backup ceiling controls- a MaxxFan Exclusive
  • Easy-to-read handheld remote, controls all MaxxFan functions (remote control models)
  • Flush-mounted, easy-to-clean ceiling keypad, controls fan speed, thermostat and air intake/exhaust (all models)
  • Fan runs with lid closed to circulate air like a ceiling fan (all models)
  • Powerful 10-speed fan motor moves air into and out of your RV fast (all models)
  • Locking knob ensures vent lid stays fully open or closed (manual models)
  • Mfr. 2 year warranty with lifetime limited warranty on lid (all models)

  • Technical Specifications

    19.8 lbs.

    Camper's Choice Rating

    Reviewer rating of 5 stars based on 4 reviews (5 Based on 4 Reviews)

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    by BigD – April 18, 2011
    5 out of 5 stars

    Although on the high end of the budget, we had our small misquito fan in our Heartland North Country TT replaced with this versiti

    Best fan on the market

    by julie hunt – February 08, 2012
    5 out of 5 stars

    Purchased this incredible fan to reduce the odors and heat in the r v. As a full time rv'er this was a major upgrade from the ori

    Best fan on the market

    by Julie Hunt – February 08, 2012
    5 out of 5 stars

    Purchased this incredible fan to reduce the odors and heat in the r v. As a full time rv'er this was a major upgrade from the or

    Good Product as advertised

    by Nate D – September 14, 2011
    5 out of 5 stars

    This is a value-added product that makes the camping experience more enjoyable. We withstood a strong rain the day after it was

    Would like to install two in my 40ft RV and would like the bedroom remote to control the bedroom vent and the living room remote control the living room vent each with its own remote control and without interfering with the settings of the other fan.
    Yes, the remotes are infrared based thus will not interfere with each other.
    by Camping World – December 07, 2017
    by Anonymous – March 06, 2016
    I'm thinking about overnighting in my 2-horse trailer which has a walk-through into my dressing room. Cooling area would be: 84 sq ft. Would the MaxxFan Deluxe keep humidity down? Does is actually take temp down? By ~ how much? I don't sleep well in high humidity combined with high temps. This is what keeps me from camping with friends.
    The MaxxFan is just a fan, it will do a great job circulating air and do some cooling work. But a small air conditioner is going to better suited since you gives you climate control capability.
    by Camping World – March 30, 2016
    by Anonymous – November 21, 2015
    Yes, the MaxxFan is designed to be fully opened or fully closed when the vehicle is moving.
    by Camping World – January 14, 2016

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