Medium Hatchlift Slide Out Kit, For Doors 28" - 32" Tall

Catalog Item # 66720

Slide Out Kits!

Designed especially for compartment doors located under slideouts, these kits include a second ball stud and a quick disconnect that allow the door to be set to open at 90 degrees when the slideout is extended. When the slideout is retracted, the door can be reset to open between 90 and 160 degrees for easy access to the compartment. Kit sizes are based on door height and width and include all components required to lift one side of an RV door. For doors 28" to 32" tall and up to 26" wide. Doors over 27" wide require two kits, for two lifts, purchase two kits.

Not for installation on doors under 1/2" thick.

Technical Specifications

2 lbs.
3.5" H x 8.5" W x 11" L

Brackets can be purchased separately from the manufacturer here.
by Camping World – August 05, 2016
by Rolly – July 26, 2016
There is 1 lift spring along with support plate, brackets, shim block, and fasteners per package. Multiple quantities have to be purchased if more than one lift spring is required.
by Camping World – August 05, 2016

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