Metal Blade 12-Volt Fan

Catalog Item # 69082

Improve air circulation in your van or motorhome.

Direct air flow for maximum comfort. Mounts permanently to dash, top or side panel. The 3.5' power cord plugs into lighter outlet. Remove plug to hardwire into 12-volt system. Four metal fan blades protected by metal grill. Two-speed switch on base. Easy to install with hardware included. Add one on passenger side, too! Blade span is 6" dia. Fan is 7 1/4" dia. x 5"D overall, including protective grill.

Technical Specifications

2 lbs.

Camper's Choice Rating

Reviewer rating of 4 stars based on 1 reviews (4 Based on 1 Review)

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Metal Blade 12v fan

by Atwell Suman – November 24, 2013
4 out of 5 stars

Very good after market fan at a very reasonable price. Fairly easy to hardwire to the existing system. Directions should note th

by Anonymous – February 29, 2016
No, replacement blades for this fan are not available.
by Camping World – March 23, 2016
The head of the fan can be adjusted, but does not have oscillating ability.
by Camping World – February 23, 2016
I need a fan to help circulate the air in my horse trailer especially when in very slow traffic. Will this fan be strong enough for that? Thanks
On Low 0.3amps, on High 0.8amps. This fan pushes 100 cfm at max which makes this a fan suited for personal use or in a small vehicle cabin. In a trailer, you will have to install multiple units to move air or find a larger 12V fan.
by Camping World – August 26, 2015

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