Mini Heater/Fan

Catalog Item # 85571

Compact forced air heater/fan warms up to 1000 sq. ft.

Technical Specifications

2.13 lbs.

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Mini heater/fan

by Anonymous – February 04, 2016
1 out of 5 stars

"If" you want to burn your house down do buy this CZ25 heater. No, I'm not kidding. Such a deal, I bought three on sale.

by Anonymous – December 02, 2015
does the cool air enter the top and out the front
Correct, the top is the air intake while the black grill is the heated exhaust.
by Camping World – December 03, 2015
by Anonymous – November 03, 2015
2]do you carry a lower watt heater for a class b mhome with a thermostat?
1)This heater/fan has an overheat protection system built in, but not a controllable thermostat. This unit has a 4-position rotating dial for control. Settings are the following: Off, Fan, Lo, Hi

2)No, these mini-heaters only come with switch controls with no thermostat. SKU#56983 is a 12VDC mini heater/fan rated approximately 614 BTU, as opposed to SKU#85571 which is 1706 BTU on Low Heat/3412 BTU on High heat.
by Camping World – January 08, 2016

by Caazman – August 31, 2015
Is it noisy ?
The unit is audible when running.
by Camping World – September 01, 2015

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