Miniature Bulb 906, 2 Pack

Catalog Item # 19416

Technical Specifications

Less than 1 lb.

by RV Bob – June 26, 2016
The manufacturer specs would have to be checked to be sure, but generally a 921 model will burner hotter/brighter than a 906.
by Camping World – June 27, 2016
by mike – August 17, 2015
whats the wattage on this bulb
This bulb is rated 9 watts.
by Camping World – August 17, 2015
by raney – May 12, 2015
this looks like the ones in my overhead lighting in my camper but they may be the larger ones
This bulb is 12V and can be used in a camper if the light fixture uses a Wedge(T-5) style socket. The diameter of this bulb is 0.63" and overall length of 1.49" to provide an idea on size of this product.
by Camping World – September 18, 2015

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