Mopeka TankCheck LPG Tank Check Dual Sensor with Monitor Kit

Catalog Item # 90403

Never run out of LP fuel unexpectedly – accurately measure how much fuel you have using the completely wireless Mopeka TankCheck LPG Tank Check Dual Sensor with Monitor Kit.

The Mopkea TankCheck is an electronic device that very accurately measures the amount of LP Gas contained in most any LP Cylinder/Bottle and communicates that information to a remote monitor, wirelessly. Thus, allowing you to be aware of how much fuel is available at all times, simply by reading the remote monitor. While specifically designed for RV use, the Tank Check is compatible with most any LP Tank/Cylinder.


  • Sensors mount to bottom of LPG Tank via magnets - designed to remain there during travel
  • Once activated, sensors electronically measure how much LPG is in Tank
  • Sensors communicate to Monitor without wires via Bluetooth Technology
  • Install in minutes - simply sync devices and mount
  • Designed for use with two LPG Tanks
  • Monitor is capable of reading two Sensors at the same time
  • Sensors and Monitor operate on "watch type" batteries (included)
  • Kit includes "feet pads" to assist in mounting Sensors
  • Includes (1) Monitor and (2) Sensors (6) Feet Pads (2) Screws
  • 3 Year Mfg. Warranty If you already own a "smart device" with Bluetooth capability and want to use it for monitoring your Tank's LPG level, see one of our other kits as you do not need the Monitor included in this kit to do that: SKU 90405.

  • Technical Specifications

    1 lb.

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    • Handy To Keep An Eye On Tank Levels (4)
    • Easy to install and app on smart phone is fantastic (3)
    • Great technology to keep track of your propane tank levels. (3)
    • Easy to use (1)
    • Nice To Be Able To Keep An Eye On Levels (1)
    • But The Other One Would Not Read Tank Level. (1)
    • Dual Sensor Display Reads One One Sensor (1)
    • Instructions lacking important details. (1)
    • No Connection Plus The Sensors Separate (1)
    • Out Of The Box Monitor Did Not Work On Both Tanks. (1)

    Works great but a couple of things to note

    by Wayne D – January 09, 2017
    5 out of 5 stars

    1.) When it says to push the button 5 times to activate the unit, you need to press it really fast. 2.)The green spacers supplied

    not that great

    by Wayne D – February 03, 2018
    2 out of 5 stars

    When I first bought them they worked great. Within 8 months one of the sensors went funny. They were great in replacing it. But I

    Addition to my post

    by Wayne D. – February 28, 2018
    5 out of 5 stars

    The spacers are now aluminum so my tanks won't cut into the supports and there has been updates to the product. Just the fact that

    Great System

    by Rick TerBorch – September 25, 2018
    5 out of 5 stars

    System set up as advertised and works well. I am disappointed Camping World sold a unit with a 1st generation monitor rather than

    Dual sensor display reads only one sensor for both readouts

    by Rick T. – September 26, 2017
    2 out of 5 stars

    I purchased dual tank sensor kit. When I installed the unit per the instructions, the display unit for both tanks 1 and 2 read onl

    The sensors are calibrated to only work with propane tanks.
    by Camping World – January 24, 2018
    Yes, see SKU#90404 for a single sensor and SKU#90405 for a pack of two sensors.

    Yes, the sensors are magnetic and can be moved as needed.
    by Camping World – October 05, 2017

    The sensors can be used on horizontal tanks up to 30" in diameter.
    by Camping World – June 29, 2017

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