My Wireless TV 2

Catalog Item # 85022

Install an HDTV anywhere you want without running wires and drilling holes.

Technical Specifications

2.8 lbs.
Receiver & transmitter dimensions: ¼”W x 4 ¾”D x 1 ¼”H

by Joe – September 19, 2015
Please view page 5 of the user manual.
by Camping World – September 24, 2015
by slick 50 – September 16, 2015
In a scenario where two TV's are connected to this system, one to the 'transmitter' which is connected to source device (ex. satellite receiver)and the other TV elsewhere with the receiver. Both TVs are going to display the channel selected on the satellite receiver. If another source device is connected with a secondary port to one of the TV's, you can change to that input source(ex. BluRay player) without interfering with the wireless system. However, since this would be a direct connection to the TV, only that TV will display the source. User Manual
by Camping World – September 16, 2015

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