Namsco Stainless Steel Wheel Cover, Single - 19.5" All Styles (Rear)

Catalog Item # 7554

These low profile, aerodynamically designed covers stay looking great for years thanks to their stainless steel construction.

Easy to install, the 19.5" model includes a retention system that firmly holds the wheel cover centered on your wheel preventing wobble. No 8 Lug or Split Rim. Hardware included. 10-Lug.

Technical Specifications

4 lbs.

by SAM – July 14, 2015
will this Rear hubcap fit a 1999 Ford Hurricane RV -- 8 lugs? -- Even though the original has 5 hand holes and This one has about 7?
No, this cover will not fit on an 8 lug wheel. What will likely work for you is Namsco part# 719583 which is a 19.5" Ford 8 lug rear cover with 8 hand holes. This cover can be special ordered via our Technical Service Group @ 800.622.6264 or at the counter of a Camping World store location.
by Camping World – July 16, 2015

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