Nature Power 1500-Watt Modified Sine Inverter

Catalog Item # 67196

The Nature Power 1500-Watt Modified Sinewave Inverter easily converts the battery's available power to AC current to run or recharge many devices including laptops power tools and stereos.

Technical Specifications

7.65 lbs.

by Anonymous – March 24, 2016
The power requirements for the pump will need to be located as well as checking manufacturer specs if a modified-sine wave inverter is acceptable or if a true-sine wave inverter has to be used. This unit has AC Output of 1500watts(3000watts surge) / 12.5amps and does not have an internal battery pack.
by Camping World – April 05, 2016
This unit is intended to be hard-wired, alligator clamps are not included.
by Camping World – February 05, 2013

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