Nature Power 400-Watt Modified Sinewave Inverter

Catalog Item # 67194

The Nature Power 400-Watt Modified Sinewave Inverter easily converts the battery's available power to AC current to run or recharge many devices including laptops power tools and stereos.

Technical Specifications

7.2 lbs.

by Judy – December 01, 2015
will this run a camper refrigerator if so how long
This inverter does not have an internal battery pack, it is designed to be attached directly to a 12V battery or bank of batteries to change the electrical current from 12V DC to 120V AC. Run time is proportionate to power consumption of the refrigerator to the amphour rating of the battery(ies) the inverter is connected to. The higher the amphour the longer you can run the refrigerator.
by Camping World – December 09, 2015
by Anonymous – June 29, 2015
Yes, however the tricky part is selecting an appropriate sized battery to connect the inverter to that will ensure the running of the machine in the timeframe needed.
by Camping World – June 30, 2015
by Anonymous – January 13, 2014
if you have access to 12-Volt battery power, yes.
by Camping World – January 13, 2014

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