Nature Power 400-Watt Pure Sinewave Inverter

Catalog Item # 67190

The Nature Power 400-Watt Pure Sinewave Inverter converts 12V DC power into 120V AC power and is great for running small power tools TVs computers and much more.

It features high surge capacity for loads that are difficult to start and the filtered sinewave output eliminates distortion for sensitive electronics. Includes USB port that allows you to charge phones and other devices.


  • Protections include overload & high temperature shutdown. over-voltage low voltage alarm and low voltage shutdown
  • Converts 12V DC power into 120V AC power
  • Portable ideal for use in trucks RVs and cars
  • High surge capacity
  • USB port lets you recharge smart phones
  • Certified to UL and CSA standards

  • Technical Specifications

    4 lbs.

    by Judy – December 01, 2015
    would this run a refrigerator in the camper where do you plug it in?
    The power requirements of the refrigerator will need to be checked in order to confirm if this inverter has the necessary power output.

    This unit does not have an internal battery pack, the refrigerator would plug into the receptacles on the front, while the rear of the inverter would be wired to a 12V battery or bank of batteries.
    by Camping World – December 09, 2015

    by mike – June 15, 2015
    I would like an inverter that will power a tv for 6 hours.
    This inverter does not have a built in battery pack.

    Run time is really dependent on TV size and display format (LCD, LED, Plasma, etc) along with the AmpHour rating of the batteries the inverter is connected to.

    Example: 20" LCD TV @ 100watts has an approximate run time of 11.5 hrs on a 12volt-120amphour battery.
    by Camping World – June 16, 2015

    by Anonymous – March 18, 2014
    These are made in China.
    by Camping World – March 19, 2014

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