Nature Power 8 Amp Charge Controller

Catalog Item # 56011

The Nature Power 8 Amp Charge Controller helps regulate the current and voltage going to the battery.

It can handle up-to 130-watts of solar array and protects the battery from overcharging and high voltage surges. It's equipped with an easy-to-install plug and play connectors and has automatic cut-in and cut-out maintenance. Can be used with any 12 Volt Solar Panel system.


  • Easy-to-read LED light indicators show battery "charged" or battery "charging"
  • Protects the battery from discharging with built-in diode
  • Protects battery from overcharging & high voltage
  • Use with any 12 Volt Solar Panel system
  • Easy to install plug and play connectors
  • Automatic cut-in and cut-out maintenance
  • Maximum current input is 8 Amps

  • Technical Specifications

    Less than 1 lb.

    by JB – June 28, 2014
    Solar panels are sold separately (not included).
    by Camping World – July 02, 2014

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