Nature Power Modified Sine Wave Inverters - 1000 Watt MSW

Catalog Item # 67195

High-efficiency portable inverters convert virtually all of the battery's available power to AC current to run or recharge laptops, lights, TVs, power tools, appliances, stereos and more.

Technical Specifications

6.06 lbs.

by Chuck – March 03, 2016
how long does it power like a small rfrigerator
This inverter is designed to connect to a single 12V battery or a 12V battery bank. Deep cycle models are recommended. As for runtime, that depends entirely on power consumption of the refrigerator against the AmpHour rating of the battery(ies) used. Page 9 of the instruction manual has a chart for runtime estimation that can be used for reference.
by Camping World – March 24, 2016
by Anonymous – January 08, 2014
A remote is available, but not included. It must be special ordered. Cables are not included.
by Camping World – January 09, 2014
by Anonymous – September 06, 2013
Cables are not included, no.
by Camping World – September 10, 2013

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