Nature Power Sine Wave Inverter/Chargers - 3000 Watt with 150 Amp Battery Charger and Remote Control Panel

Catalog Item # 67193

With true sine wave output, these Nature Power Inverter/Chargers are designed to run entertainment systems and heavy-duty motor loads flawlessly in your truck or RV.

Technical Specifications

63 lbs.

by Chuck – February 08, 2018
Dimensions: 15.4" x 13.4" x 7.8"
by Camping World – February 09, 2018
This unit can be mounted in any direction except with the fan panel(panel with fan opening) facing upwards or downwards.
by Camping World – October 19, 2016
During utility mode, the built-in AC load sensing circuit will automatically reduce charging current if there is a high demand on AC load. This avoids the tripping of the shore circuit breaker.
by Camping World – June 02, 2015

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