Nature Power Sine Wave Inverters - 1000 Watt

Catalog Item # 67191

Sine wave output is equivalent to utility power to run sensitive electronics, audio/video components, printers and battery chargers in your RV.

Portable inverters are ideal for use in trucks and RVs. Convert virtually all of the battery’s available power to AC current. USB port lets you recharge smart phones and other devices. Features high surge capacity for loads that are difficult to start. Protections include overload and high-temperature shutdown, over-voltage, low voltage alarm and low voltage shutdown. Certified to UL and CSA standards.Runs small microwaves, printers, computers, lights, high definition TVs and stereos. 2000 watt surge capacity.

Technical Specifications

7.39 lbs.

by drumbdummer – September 09, 2015
Despite Camping World's answer, the manual says this is a TRUE Sine Wave inverter (page 4):
by Anonymous – November 16, 2015
This is a modified true sine wave unit.
by Camping World – September 11, 2015
by Yost – May 21, 2015
While there is not a decibel rating for this inverter, it is quiet except right next to the cooling fan where the motor and wind can be heard.
by Camping World – October 05, 2015
by Boucheros – February 20, 2013
This unit is intended for hard-wiring, yes.
by Camping World – February 21, 2013

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