Nesco Portable Induction Cooktop

Catalog Item # 68366

The Nesco Portable Induction Cooktop is user friendly and energy efficient.

Its smooth, ceramic glass top wipes clean with ease. Five different modes with instant temperature adjustments make cooking virtually fail-safe. And, because the heat is generated in the pan, not the element, less energy is wasted than with gas or electric stoves. Use it in dorm rooms, offices, RV's, outdoors or in the kitchen.

An electric current passing through the inducton coil beneath the surface creates an electromagnetic field. The electromagnetic field generates heat directly into ferrous metal cookware placed on the cooktop, bypassing the glass surface. So the pan gets hot - the cooktop doesn't.


  • 1500 Watts
  • Instant temperature adjustments
  • 5 touch controls: melt/warm, simmer, boil, fry, and sear
  • Durable ceramic glass top
  • Top energy efficiency: 36% more efficient than a gas stove
  • Safe-cooktop doesn't get hot
  • Comes with test magnet for ferrous metal cookware

Technical Specifications

6.1 lbs.

by Anonymous – December 02, 2018
No, this induction cooktop does not have an auto shut off.
by Camping World – December 05, 2018
by Hjii – September 23, 2015
It is recommended to use cookware with a bottom diameter of 3.15" to 10".
by Camping World – September 23, 2015
by cook – August 03, 2014
Any pot/pan that a magnet will stick to will work with induction cooktops. This unit includes a test magnet.
by Camping World – August 05, 2014

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