Odorlos, 168 oz.

Catalog Item # 58995

Odorlos is an industrial strength, environmental award winner so effective that 4 ounces eliminates all holding tank odors without masking perfumes or staining dyes.

Breaks down waste and tissue, lubricates valves, safe for any septic tank system, safe for chemically sensitive people and safe for plastic or porcelain toilets and all holding tank systems. Contains no formaldehyde and works by speeding up the natural composting process by preventing hydrogen sulfide gases. 4 oz./40 gal. tank.

Technical Specifications

14.8 lbs.

No, Odorlos will not cause harm/damage to fittings or plumbing.
by Camping World – November 30, 2016
by Anonymous – November 29, 2016
Odorlos is a nitrate based product line.
by Camping World – November 30, 2016
by Anonymous – December 10, 2015
4oz. treats 40 gallons, so this container can treat a 100 gallon tank 16.8 times.
by Camping World – January 19, 2016

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