Odorlos Dry 10 pack, 4oz. ea.

Catalog Item # 58999

Odorlos works with nature to eliminate holding tank odors, not just mask them.

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2.8 lbs.

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very satisfied

by Louis Hipp – September 10, 2012
5 out of 5 stars

Excellent service,prompt delivery very competitive pricing.

Holding tank additives, like Odorlos, that has digester properties generally assists in leaving a less 'gunky' holding tank after being emptied. An occasional clean is still a good habit, especially before and after storage, but does not have to be done every time. A simple water rinse is normally enough without having to add soap or cleaners for in between use.
by Camping World – November 19, 2015
Yes, Odorlos products can be used in both black and gray holding tanks.
by Camping World – August 11, 2015

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