On-Board Battery Watering Systems, 36-Volt Kit for six 6-volt batteries

Catalog Item # 77296

Pro-Fill On-Board Battery Watering System for golf car batteries provides the most convenient and accurate way to fill and maintain proper battery water levels.

Technical Specifications

1.4 lbs.

by DAve – June 28, 2016
EZ-Go 36-volt cart with US Battery 2200 XC2 batteries
No, this kit is designed to be used with 6v "Trojan Plus" series batteries. You will want to locate the kit 'BG-U36V-1G' through another retailer. BG-U36V-1G is a 36-volt kit for 6v batteries with 2.7 inch cell spacing.
by Camping World – June 28, 2016
No, the valves in this kit are only for Trojan Plus model batteries.

The Duracell SLIGC125 is a GC2 group battery, it would use a BA-Y7A-10 style valve. You will want to find a retailer who has kit BG-U36V-4G for a universal 36-volt kit with the appropriate valves. Or BG-U36V-1G which is for 6-volt batteries that have 2.7" cell spacing.
by Camping World – June 15, 2016

by Anonymous – August 13, 2015
or what brand/model batteries will it fit?
This kit does not use a plastic manifold with fixed cell spacing like the 2nd product image displays. This kit uses flexible tubing between the cells to allow for modification to appropriate lengths.
    Items Included:
  • 18 x Valves(BA-Y74-10)
  • 6 x Manifolds(BA-127-Flex)
  • 7' of Tubing(BD-T14)
  • 1 x Coupler(BA-QDV-505)
  • 9 x Red End Caps(BD-00280)
  • 1 x Instructions(BL-175)

This kit works for Trojan Plus Series batteries.
by Camping World – August 14, 2015

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