Original Campfire Grill

Catalog Item # 80423

Original, was designed for the large family and bigger party campers.

The large grilling surface, 20" x 25", is big enough to cook for many. The Original comes with a two-piece solid steel ¾" dia. x 36" long stake assembled. The grill rack connects to the stake with an L-Shaped screw. The Original comes with a hot pad and glove, and its own carrying bag, a very handy item for cooking in the outdoors. Like all The Perfect CampfireGrills, it has the raised edge. This allows the chef to position food over the entire grilling area, right to the edge of the rack, without fear of losing it to the fire.

Technical Specifications

16 lbs.
¾" dia. x 36" long stake assembled

Camper's Choice Rating

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Best way to cook on a open fire

by Anonymous – February 20, 2016
5 out of 5 stars

I had the chance to use this grill while camping in the wilderness. It made me look like I had cooked over the open fire for years

by Anonymous – September 15, 2018
Yes, as long as the ground stake is properly inserted in to the ground, the grill can hold up cast iron cookware.
by Camping World – September 17, 2018
With the pointed end down, use a hammer or mallet to secure the stake about 8 inches into the ground. (If the soil is sandy, you may want to add another 2-3 inches.)
by Camping World – March 22, 2017
by Anonymous – December 07, 2016
Yes, the height of the cooking grid can be adjusted.
by Camping World – December 08, 2016

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