Peak Style Shelter 15 x 44 x 16 Gray Cover

Catalog Item # 77148

The ultimate Garage/Storage Shelter for larger vehicles.

Technical Specifications

1411 lbs.
15 x 44 x 16

by Anonymous – January 12, 2017
This shelter does not have a wind rating. The manufacturer instructs to dismantle and store the structure if extremely high winds or storms are expected.
by Camping World – January 12, 2017
How long will it take to get this unit?
The overall width is 15' while the opening width is 10'. Delivery is within 4 to 6 weeks.
by Camping World – April 11, 2016
The photos and description seem to be the same for both.
The length of the shelters are different. 95943(item# 77148) is 44ft. while 95843(item# 77145)is 40ft. in length.
by Camping World – August 10, 2015

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