Permastore Hose Cap

Catalog Item # 82149

Bayonet drip cap fits sewer and waste tote hoses to prevent messes in your sanitation storage compartment.

Keeps mice and insects out during storage too. Ergonomic handle for easy tightening and removal. Fits all 3” bayonet sewer fittings.

Technical Specifications

Less than 1 lb.

by Ken Moffet – October 16, 2016
No, this is only one cap and for the male bayonet side. This cap is intended to be a replacement for the sewer hose attached to Thetford's SmartTote2 waste tanks but can be used on other 3" bayonet sewer hoses. We have a male style cap with a handle made by Valterra, SKU#5854.
by Camping World – October 17, 2016
by Roger H – May 14, 2015
This cap can fit in a 4" bumper, but cannot be used a cap for the bumper as it is only for 3" sewer hoses. We do have 4" square bumper caps as #34416, #6365, and #70030. If your storage is a round tube, you can likely find some sort of cap through a hardware store that stocks PVC pipes.
by Camping World – September 23, 2015

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