Pioneer Endcap Upgrade Kit - Black

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Convert your existing spring loaded Carefree Spirit, Fiesta or Simplicity awning to simple manual crank operation.

The Pioneer Endcap upgrade Kit and Telescoping Crank Handle will replace your existing springs at a fraction of the price of new springs, while making your awning much easier to operate. There is no need to ever fuss with travel locks, spring locks or pull straps again. Gain complete control of your awning at all times by not having to fight spring tension while opening or closing your awning. Endcaps are available in white or black finish to match any awning arm color. Crank handle sold separately.


  • The Pioneer Upgrade Kit is a more cost effective way to replace worn out or broken springs (less money and less labor involved).
  • Eliminates 3 major steps in the awning setup process. No need to unlock travel/storage locks, unlock spring assembly or search for your pull strap to open awning. Simply start turning the crank to open and close the awning. The rest sets up the same as your original spring loaded awning.
  • No need for travel locks to prevent billowing in transit. The worm gear automatically ensures the roller is locked in place wherever you stop the awning.
  • No need to re-tension your awning canopy on breezy days. The worm gear locks the roller in place and will not slip, always ensuring a taut canopy.
  • Telescoping crank handle (sold separately) for easy storage.
  • Simple installation.

Technical Specifications

5 lbs.

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Hands down, BEST money I have spent on my RV yet!!

by Chester Knight Jr. – September 07, 2014
5 out of 5 stars

Hands down, BEST money I have spent on my RV yet!! VERY easy to install with NO prior working knowledge of awnings. VERY detaile

by Hyytinen – June 18, 2015
No, you will need to completely replace your Dometic hardware arms and replace them with a set of Pioneer Lite Awning Arms.

Call our Technical Service Department @ 800.622.6264(M-F, 8:00-5:00 CST) to order Pioneer Lite hardware set 811501WHT(white) or 811601(black).
by Camping World – October 26, 2015

by Darthesia – June 29, 2013
The manufacturer states this will work for Spirit, Fiesta, and Simplicity models with no regard to year of production.
by Camping World – July 04, 2013

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