Porch Light - Amber

Catalog Item # 78937

Update your coach with our surface mount LED porch light replacement or utility light.

Technical Specifications

Less than 1 lb.
6” x 3.5” x 2”

by Anonymous – August 30, 2015
How the light operates or functions does not differ between an AC or DC light fixture. The matter is all in electrical construction. A 12V light is only designed to be hardwired to 12VDC power, usually the light bulb is designed differently to operate with the fixture along with construction of contacts and switches. Non-12V fixtures are only to be hardware to a 110/120VAC power source. Follow the power specs to avoid damage to the power grid or personal harm.
by Camping World – September 02, 2015
by Anonymous – November 07, 2014
This uses a 1141/1156 LED (example item 57272) automotive bulb (BA15S base type).
by Camping World – November 07, 2014

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