Powered Fuel Transfer Pump

Catalog Item # 86685

Tera Pump's powerful DC motor can discharge liquids up to 2.4 gallons per minute.

3.3ā€™ discharge hose. Compatible with gasoline, diesel, anti-freeze, light oil, soaps and more. Requires two ā€œDā€ batteries (sold separately).

Technical Specifications

2.5 lbs.

by john – August 07, 2017
The container does not have to be sealed to use this pump. The suction tube on this unit is 17.6" long. You can use any container size with a opening 1.22" in diameter or larger. Ideally the container should be about the size of the suction tube(17.6") or smaller so all of the liquid inside will be used. A larger container will have remaining liquid due to shaft not being able to reach the bottom.
by Camping World – August 08, 2017
by Anonymous – September 20, 2016
Power source for the pump are 2, "D" cell batteries that are not included.
by Camping World – September 20, 2016

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