PRI-G Complete Gasoline Treatment

Catalog Item # 14520

Industrial grade PRI Fuel Treatments protect against deposits, stabilize fuel and restore degraded fuels to refinery freshness.

What Does PRI Do...

Industrial grade PRI Fuel Treatments have been tested and proven at the world's most highly regarded independent laboratories. PRI Fuel Treatments are laboratory and real world proven to provide maximum protection against damaging, power-robbing deposits. PRI stabilizes fuel for years of storage and even restores degraded fuels to fresh, usable condition. PRI Fuel Treatment's more complete combustion provides more power, more engine efficiency, and more operating economy with extended engine life. Injectors stay clean and long lasting. Fuel filters remain cleaner, reducing the risk of filter failure.

PRI improves Today's New Fuels:

PRI Fuel Treatments are laboratory tested and proven to protect against water separation in today's ethanol enhanced gasoline. Lubricity is added to ULSD for a better performing diesel, keeping diesel engines in top performance. Lower octane and cetane fuels can be used by adding PRI Fuel Treatments, thereby lowering operation fuel costs. Greater engine power when using new fuels will be a noticeable benefit.

PRI's Promise:

PRI Fuel Treatments are sold with a promise that the user will receive more value in PRI use than it costs to use PRI. If you are not completely satisfied with the performance of PRI Fuel Treatments, the manufacturer will cheerfully refund your purchase (see bottle for details).

Technical Specifications

1.8 lbs.

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great product

by A Powers – April 28, 2003
5 out of 5 stars

Would not think of filling my tank without this!

PRI-G Complete Gasoline Treatment

by Charles London – July 17, 2013
5 out of 5 stars

I have not used this product long enough to review it

Gasoline Protection

by David Passwaiter – September 20, 2017
5 out of 5 stars

In the past I've used another product but was not happy as it still let the gas go stale in less than a year. I found this on line

PRI-G gas treatment

by Garry Mudge – June 29, 2012
5 out of 5 stars

Pricy, but have NEVER had any problems with my storage tank and fuel, I have been using PRI-G since 1998 on my farm.

Not well known but its the best!

by Anonymous – April 28, 2013
5 out of 5 stars

I have been using pri-g for a few years. In my actual use it works great as a fuel stabilizer. But where this product shines is

A 32 oz. bottle can treat up to 512 gallons.
by Camping World – June 02, 2016

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