Pro Series Friction Sway Control

Catalog Item # 32089

Uses friction to resist pivotal movement, working against the effects of induced sway.

Technical Specifications

13.2 lbs.

by Anonymous – August 24, 2017
A plate with an extra ball is included, yes.
by Camping World – October 03, 2017
A single sway control arm is good for a gross trailer weight up to 2721kg(6000 lbs.) or trailer less than 26 feet. Two sway control arms can be installed to a trailer of 26 ft. and larger or 2721 to 4536kg (6000 - 10000 lbs.) in weight.
by Camping World – March 09, 2016
by Roger H. – September 08, 2014
Made in Taiwan.
by Camping World – September 10, 2014

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