Propane Auto Changeover Two-Stage Regulator

Catalog Item # 24030

Change from the empty LP cylinder to the full one at the flip of a lever.

For RVs with dual LP tank hook-ups. Lets you remove the empty cylinder and take it for refill without interrupting service. Indicator tells you when your LP is empty. Pressure consistency through dual regulators.

Two 1/4" inverted female flare inlet x 3/8" female pipe outlet.


  • 11" W.C. setting
  • 1/2 PSI Output
  • Automatic Changeover
  • Visible Gauge
  • Automatically changes over from empty tank to full one
  • Can remove empty cylinder and take for refill without interruption
  • Gas gauge for monitoring
  • Pressure consistency through dual regulators

Technical Specifications

2.6 lbs.

Camper's Choice Rating

Reviewer rating of 4 stars based on 13 reviews (4 Based on 13 Reviews)

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  • Good idea when it works (1)
  • Does not always change automatically. (1)
  • Fails in extreme cold (1)

Regulator Failed During Cold Weather

by E Miller – February 01, 2007
3 out of 5 stars

Automatic Changeover worked well and is a very nice feature, especially during cold weather. The setup worked fine for 2 months, i

Works as advertised

by Stan Winarski – August 19, 2004
5 out of 5 stars

Used through five refills and it is still working fine.

Really works

by Vernon Hartzell – November 21, 2004
5 out of 5 stars

This product works like the "old" style changeover valves. Bought a new 5th wheel, could not take off one gas bottle wh

No more cold nite switchovers!

by Anonymous – December 08, 2005
4 out of 5 stars

When I went looking for this product they sold both the mounting plate and the cover. I thought the price of both of these pieces

All gased up

by Chad Howe – August 28, 2012
5 out of 5 stars

Bought this as a replacement unit. Took me minutes to swap out. Works great.

Yes, this propane regulator can be mounted inside a compartment.
by Camping World – September 14, 2015
by Bob – August 20, 2015
No, the lever does not automatically flip to the full tank. The internal mechanism will switch from empty tank to full tank, the lever is used to reset the full/empty indicator and initial selection of propane tank to draw from.

After parked and ready to turn on your propane. Open the valve on both tanks. Turn the lever to one of the tanks to make the indicator Green and force draw from said tank. When the tank empties the indicator will turn Red, the switchover will occur so no flow hesitation will occur, but the lever will not physically move. Turn the lever to the full tank, it will reset the indicator and the empty tank can be removed to be filled or replaced.
by Camping World – August 20, 2015

Yes, both tank valves must be open for the automatic switchover to function on the regulator.
by Camping World – July 14, 2015

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